National Health Center Week and National Health Center Staff Appreciation Day

We continue to celebrate National Health Center Week and National Health Center Staff Appreciation Day with more staff spotlights. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to honor those who work tirelessly to ensure our residents and their families live in good health and dignity every day.

We are continually humbled by our staff’s collective resolve during these unprecedented times. We have seen time and again that thoughtfully recruiting, training and integrating new staff members into our senior care centers are the keys to success. Our staff is devoted to providing residents with the very best care, and they search tirelessly to find the right people to support our mission.

Spotlight on our staff

This week, we’re spotlighting two positions that we like to think of as the heartbeat of our centers:

  • Staff Developer/RN
    Our staff developers are also registered nurses because we know when you’ve walked in an RN’s shoes, particularly at a senior care facility, you understand what it takes. We believe this on-the-job knowledge gives our staff developers a unique perspective from which to recruit, train and integrate new staff members into our centers.
  • Unit Manager (LPN/RN)
    Our unit managers lead the overall nursing operations of particular units within our centers to safeguard our residents. They are responsible for ensuring all government regulations and company policies are maintained while our residents receive exceptional care and compassion. While these individuals may not interface with our residents each day, their mental, social, physical, emotional and spiritual health are always top of mind.

If you are looking for a safe place your loved one can call home, visit to find a center near you. Our staff has risen to meet this moment and is taking these learnings into the future to ensure Gulf Coast Health Care offers leading edge-care and compassion to all our residents.